Vovoid VSXu

VSXu is a cross-platform Visual Programming Language with a focus on OpenGL real time graphics.

It's easy to embed and easy to extend.

VSXu is licensed under the LGPL so that you can use it in even closed source (proprietary) projects including games, visualization software, digital signage and art installations.

It has a GUI in VSXu Artiste which enables quick and easy programming. It has a unique feature in that you can view in full screen what you are creating - the GUI is overlaid on top of the OpenGL graphics output making it

We provide professional consulting services, professional support and programming of modules and content creation.

VSXu enables custom designed real time graphics for otherwise impossibly small budgets.

Key Features

For more info

  • www.vsxu.com is the official homepage of the open source project.

  • Contact us for commercial support, questions etc.