Vovoid Euphoria

Euphoria is a complete web server management system for GNU/Linux servers we've been working on since 2002.

It can be said to be a hybrid between a regular shared web host and a pure VPS architecture.

IPv4 addresses are becoming scarce, so you have to conserve what you have. Usually having a VPS means one IP per container, but Euphoria makes it easier to do both - share IP and still maintain a good quality.

Even if your company wants to only host internal systems, Euphoria makes sense because the VPS architecture makes the risk of balooning disk or RAM less of a risk while still maintaining an easy to admin system.

Among its key features:

  • Each customer is compartmentalized in a Virtual Private Server
    If one web app gets hacked (which is not uncommon when you have 3rd parties involved) the damage is contained and it's impossible for one customer alone to bring down the whole server
  • Fully integrated varnish web reverse memory caching proxy - shared among all the customers. This is usually something you don't see in regular web hosting
  • GUI for controlling iptables port forwarding
  • Code is open for you (not publicly available)

You're browsing a Euphoria-powered server right now, using µm2 PHP framework optimized for this architecture so feel free to look at the load times.

For more info

  • Euphoria is available for licensing
  • Contact us for more info